Guest Information

The staff and members of the Carlouel Yacht Club bestow a cordial welcome as you prepare to visit our Club. 

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at Carlouel, please use our valet services if you see an attendant at the front of our Clubhouse. If there is no attendant present, please park along the front of the Clubhouse or at the south parking lot.  We kindly request that you do not park in the handicap parking spaces unless you have legal handicap designations.

Cell Phone Policy

Carlouel does not allow cell phones or handheld devices in the Main Dining Room. It is preferred that all electronic devices be used outdoors, away from the dining areas at the Club. Members and guests may receive and send text messages, e-mails, and use the available secure Wi-Fi connection on cell phones or other handheld devices provided no voice communication takes place and speakers and ringers are silenced.

Wireless Communications

The Clubhouse at Carlouel has Wi-Fi available; however, the use of laptop computers is restricted to the Bar, Bird Cage, and meeting rooms. Simply ask our staff for assistance, and we’ll provide you with the password for our secure private network.

Dress Code

In effect year-round, the Carlouel dress code was established to ensure all members and guests feel welcome. Below is an overview of Resort Casual dress at the Club. If you are attending a formal event, please call the Clubhouse at 727.446.9162 for appropriate dress code attire.

Resort Casual for Gentlemen

Defined at our Club as nice slacks, Bermuda length shorts (must be of a length that is within three inches of the knee), collared or button-down shirts, nice shoes or sandals, with the option of wearing a sport coat. Sport shirts or t-shirts are acceptable attire in the Lobby and Bar areas before 6:00 p.m.; however, there are no hats or visors allowed.

Resort Casual for Ladies

Women are permitted to wear nice pants, skirts, skorts, nice tops, casual dresses, sundresses, nice sandals and casual shoes. Please avoid jeans, flip flops, camisoles, t-shirts and short shorts or very short skirts. Slogan images are not permitted. A bathing suit with a cover-up and shoes are permitted in the Lobby and Bar areas before 6:00 p.m.

NOT allowed inside the Clubhouse: Short shorts, gym shorts, cut-offs, crop tops, bare feet, no shirt or muscle shirts.

Smoking Policy

At Carlouel, smoking is only permitted outdoors, away from the main buildings, pools and cabanas. Smoking is absolutely not permitted in the Clubhouse. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests comply with this policy.