Children's Activities

Carlouel Yacht and Family Beach Club truly understands the importance of family fun.

That’s why we’ve developed a variety of programs to engage our youngest members. Scheduled activities, holiday parties, Camp Carlouel, the Pirates swim team, and themed family parties are just a few of the children’s events held throughout the year. Carlouel also offer complimentary babysitting on Wednesdays and Fridays — ensuring Carlouel parents and children enjoy every minute at the Club.

Wednesday Family Night

We serve up a kid-friendly buffet every Wednesday night, and once your children have finished their meal, they are invited to join our staff in the Activities Room for a night of arts and crafts. Family night activities are always included in our newsletter, from origami to sponge painting, we’re prepared to keep your children inspired.

Now Playing: Friday Night Movie Night

We’ve got the popcorn ready, and show full-feature films every Friday in the Activities Room or on the South Lawn. Adult members can relax with friends and take advantage of our complimentary babysitting. Kids love to start off the weekend with dinner and a movie at the Club!

Camp Carlouel

For more than 20 years, Carlouel has offered parents a full summer of weekly camps for their children ages 5-12. This year, Carlouel has nine consecutive weeks of themed activities, complete with water activities (swimming, kayaking, surfing), field trips and sleepovers. From jungle adventures to water extravaganzas, your children will never complain of boredom at Camp Carlouel.

Weekend Adventures

Every weekend, Carlouel has outdoor activities for the kids, including fishing, kayaking, beach games and more. Simply check the calendar in our newsletter and wander down to the Club for an adventure.

Annual Kids Events

Carlouel has been perfecting special events for children since our inception in 1934. From breakfast with Santa to Easter egg hunts complete with petting zoos and pony rides, we always cater to the children. Additional events include the Annual County Fair, a Back-to-School Bash, a Halloween Spooktacular, Shakes for Scorecards, Kids’ Sasparilla and our annual New Year’s Eve Celebration. Create the memories of a lifetime when you bring the entire family to experience the Carlouel Yacht Club.